In February, FMV delivered an upgrade of the Czech Republic’s twelve single-seater and two-seat JAS 39 Gripen as part of the agreement between FMV and the Czech Ministry of Defence.

Upgrading the Czech JAS 39 C/D aircraft and associated support systems implemented by FMV further increases the capabilities of the fighter aircraft. The upgrade is an important part of the Czech Republic’s upcoming re-base to Lithuania in April, as they are part of the continuous incident preparedness that NATO is holding in the Baltics.

The actual upgrade was carried out over a few weeks in mid-February. But the underlying work to enable the upgrade is extensive and has been ongoing since spring 2021 with staff from FMV, FMV Test & Evaluation and Saab.

The upgrade includes both hardware modifications and new software in both aircraft and support systems. Extensive tests have been carried out. This is now completed and after the completed rollout, the Czech Republic has the latest version of the JAS 39 Gripen C/D as the main component of its air defense.