On Monday 3.10.2022 the Ministry of Defence handed over the so-called Letter of request for quotation to the American side. This document is not a binding requirement, the Czech government only indicates its interest in starting negotiations with the American side about the purchase of aircraft. The handover of the letter is a prerequisite for the American side for further negotiations.

In mid-October 2022, representatives of the Ministry of Defense will discuss the parameters of the acquisition and operation of aircraft in the United States. One of the main points of all upcoming negotiations will be the possible involvement of Czech industry. In September 2022, the initial meetings of the Czech and American expert teams were launched. The government’s decision to start negotiations with the US is based on an analysis carried out by the Czech Army, which says that only the most modern “fifth generation” machines can stand on the battlefield of the future. In August 2022, an interdepartmental negotiating team was set up, which includes representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade in addition to representatives of the Ministry of Defence. The working team of the Ministry of Defence is led by Deputy Minister Blanka Cupáková and Deputy Minister Jan Jireš. Other members of the team are experts from individual units of the Ministry of Defense and the Army of the Czech Republic. The Czech government has commissioned the Ministry of Defence to negotiate the acquisition of aircraft following the expiring lease of 14 Swedish Gripen aircraft. No later than 1 October 2023, the Minister of Defence will inform the Government about the agreed basic parameters of the acquisition and operation of F-35 aircraft. Based on this, the government will then decide whether the Czech Republic will acquire them.