The IHADSS is a proven Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) for rotary-wing aircraft, with the ability to align turreted weapons, missile seekers, and gimbaled night vision to the Pilot’s line of sight. The system also allows cueing between an aircraft’s crew members, helping to ensure mission success and crew safety.

Elbit Systems of America has a legacy providing HMDs to rotary and fixed-wing Pilots in multiple military services. Leveraging the company’s vast capabilities and experience, along with its dedication to Integrated Logistics Support, Elbit Systems of America provides the innovative systems its customers require – now and in the future.

“U.S. Army aircraft must always be mission-ready and their crews must be equipped with the very best HMDs on the market. This recent contract enables Apache Pilots to continue their missions with confidence,” said Chris Hickey, Vice President of Sustainment and Support Solutions at Elbit Systems of America. “We’ve handled the overhaul and repair effort for the IHADSS for 17 years, and we’re proud to have earned the Army’s trust on this mission-critical system.