By replacing components in the avionics system, the modified helicopter has new possibilities for improving the use of airspace.

Tanner: “Ensuring commitment for the next decades”
“The modification of the proven ‘Black Hawks’ represents a significant step forward. This ensures the use for the next decades and will enable us to guarantee aid from the air even better in the future. I am pleased to be able to hand over the first modified helicopter and wish the pilots all the best – ‘happiness off – good country’,” said Defence Minister Tanner.

The new capabilities include the integration of government radio, a helmet visor, GPS-based approach procedures and the use of airspace according to visual and instrument flight rules. These innovations are essential conversions that facilitate daily flight service. The “Black Hawk” is mainly used in the Austrian Federal Army for security and rescue operations as well as for assistance operations for the transport of materials and goods.

In addition to the installation of the new cockpit, three additional “Black Hawks” were procured, which will be equipped with the same new avionics; the inlet is planned for 2022. With these twelve helicopters, the Air Force of the Federal Army has an outstanding unique selling point in Austria. The helicopters can be used in almost any weather, day and night, as well as at home and abroad.

S-70 “Black Hawk”
The S-70 “Black Hawk” is a multi-role helicopter with two engines, each with 1,940 hp. This propulsion gives the helicopter an excellent high-mountain suitability. The S-70 can play this capability especially when used in mountainous locations (Galtür). The helicopter, which is successfully used in 24 countries worldwide, offers its occupants high protection and safety (crash resistance) and is characterized by low personnel and maintenance costs.