On October 20, an agreement was concluded between the State Treasury – the Armaments Agency and General Atomics – Aeronautical Systems Inc., for leasing the MQ-9A Reaper UAVs.

The above agreement is aimed at increasing the capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces in obtaining reconnaissance data based on the leasing of the unmanned reconnaissance system, which includes several MQ-9A REAPER unmanned aerial platforms. The contract value is USD 70.6 million net, and the service itself will be provided until the planned acquisition and implementation by the Polish Armed Forces of the MQ-9B REAPER unmanned reconnaissance and strike system.

The MQ-9A unmanned aerial systems will enable the acquisition of reconnaissance data in the field of image recognition (IMINT) through the use of optoelectronic heads and in the field of radio-electronic reconnaissance (SIGINT) with the use of radar.

The detailed specification of the system is classified information.