On Monday, June 6, Minister of Defense Jana Černochová took part in a ground and flight demonstration of the Brazilian EMBRAER KC-390 aircraft and a test of loading and transporting the Pandur II at the airport in Pardubice. It was a non-binding demonstration of the aircraft’s capabilities and there are no obligations at this time. The demonstration in the Czech Republic is part of a wider presentation of the Brazilian aircraft within Europe, including in Hungary and Portugal.

It is clear that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed the security environment in the world and emphasized the need to implement large-scale modernization projects aimed at strengthening the capabilities of the Army of the Czech Republic. One such project will be the modernization of a squadron of transport aircraft. The demonstration of the Embraer KC-390 is one of the steps to find out what the current transport market has to offer.


The aircraft, in the development of which the Czech company Aero Vodochody also participated, was developed on the order of the Brazilian army for the performance of a wide range of tasks. It carries up to 26 tons of material, 80 passengers or more than 60 paratroopers. It allows in-flight refueling, can monitor airspace or turn into a flying hospital. The Embraer KC-390 flies at speeds of up to 850 km/h and flies up to 4,800 km on one refuelling.