Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď confirmed that part of the announced compensation for the provision of thirteen MiG-29 aircraft and part of the KUB air defense system relates to the offer of the United States of America for twelve new, modern AH-1Z Viper combat helicopters along with accessories, pilot and technician training, plus sophisticated AGM-114 Hellfire II missiles.

“This offer is really very advantageous and will significantly increase the defence potential of Slovakia. We do not currently have combat helicopters at all, so it would be a completely new combat capability,” said Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď.

The value of the material offered is just over $1 billion. Of this, approximately $660 million would be provided to Slovakia through the US Defense Government Fund FMF. The Slovak Republic would thus pay approximately 340 million in the horizon of 3-4 years within the planned defense budget.

The head of the defence ministry reiterated that several countries were interested in the technology in question, so he evaluates the US decision to provide the technology to Slovakia extremely positively. The move can also be seen in the context of indirect compensation for the announced delay in the delivery of American F-16 fighter jets.

The intergovernmental agreement on the offer will be ready to be approved by both sides after the handover of MiG-29 fighter jets and part of the KUB air defense system to Ukraine.