On January 31, an annex was signed to the contract for the supply of further launchers and FGM-148F JAVELIN anti-tank guided missiles for the Polish Armed Forces.

The subject of the concluded annex is the delivery of 50 more JAVELIN Light Weight Command Launch Unit (LWCLU) launchers and approximately 500 FGM-148F JAVELIN missiles, along with additional logistics and training packages.

The concluded annex increases the total value of the order to approx. USD 158 million net, and the deliveries of military equipment contracted for the needs of the Territorial Defense Forces (TDF) will be completed by 2026. It should be emphasized that WOT has been a user of the JAVELIN system since 2021.

The initial contract, worth approximately USD 54.5 million net, was concluded with the American side on May 13, 2020. As a result, the Territorial Defense Forces received 60 Command Launch Unit (CLU) launchers and 180 FGM-148F JAVELIN missiles, along with packages: , including spare parts and repair devices, as well as training, including simulators and size and weight mock-ups. Training of instructors and operators on the use of the JAVELIN system as well as on the use and storage of ammunition was also carried out.

The JAVELIN system is currently, along with the SPIKE-LR system, one of the two basic anti-tank guided missile systems used by the Polish Armed Forces, while the plans to develop capabilities in the field of combating enemy armored targets also include, among others, OTTOKAR BRZZA and PIRAT systems.

As part of the implementation of the OTTOKAR BRZOZA program, in July 2022 a framework agreement was concluded with the PGZ-OTTOKAR Consortium under which the contractor will develop and deliver to the Polish Armed Forces battery fire modules for tank destroyers, for which the BRIMSTONE anti-tank guided missiles are planned to be the effector. Deliveries of the first prototype tank destroyers are expected in 2023.

As part of the PUSTELNIK program, in the coming months it is planned to contract the first test batch of PIRAT anti-tank missiles, and then to launch development work aimed at developing a new generation Polish anti-tank missile.