On February 24th with the participation of the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of National Defense Mr. Mariusz Błaszczak, it was concluded between the State Treasury – the Armament Agency and Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” – Radom Sp. z o.o., another annex to the contract for the supply of MSBS GROT assault rifles for the Polish Armed Forces.

The subject of the annex to the currently implemented contract of July 8, 2020 is another significant increase in the supply of MSBS GROT for the Polish Armed Forces, which became possible thanks to the consistent development of the contractor’s production capacity.

On the date of signing in 2020, the above contract covered the acquisition of approx. MSBS GROT in the years 2020-2026 for the gross amount of approx. PLN 177 million. As a result of the annexes concluded in 2020-2022, the order was increased to nearly 100,000 assault rifles, and the value of the contract increased to approx. PLN 1.1 billion gross, of which nearly 70,000 were contracted under the last annex of 2 January this year, worth approx. PLN 826 million gross.

Pursuant to the agreement of February 24, annex, worth approx. PLN 1 billion gross, Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” – Radom Sp. z o. o. will deliver to the Polish Armed Forces by the end of 2026 nearly 88,000 more GROT C16 FB-A2 carbines, cal. 5.56×45 mm.

As a result, the awarded contract will cover a total of nearly 184,000 assault rifles, and the total value of the contract will be approx. PLN 2.1 billion gross.

As part of the implementation of the above contract, the Polish Armed Forces have already received approx. 18000 MSBS GROT.

“In recent years, the Grot carbine has proven its combat qualities in the Polish Army, and also confirmed its effectiveness in the war in Ukraine. The key issue is the further development of small arms, including sniper weapons, by the domestic defense industry. Many years of experience and involvement of Fabryka Broni Łucznik-Radom in the production of MSBS convince not only me, but also many experts that the army is equipped with a very good product, which not only is now considered one of the world leaders in its class, but also every year it becomes more and more perfect” – summed up Brig. dr Artur Kuptel, Head of the Armament Agency.