On April 27th, at the Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. shipyard, in Gdańsk, a ceremonial sheet metal cutting for the first SIGINT ship for Polish Navy took place.

The ceremonial burning of the metal sheets is a symbolic beginning of the construction of the new unit. It is an activity crowning the design stage and at the same time initiating the proper process of building the ship.

On November 25, 2022, a contract was concluded between the State Treasury – the Armament Agency and Saab AB for the supply of DELFIN SIGINT ships.

The above-mentioned agreement is aimed at increasing the capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces in the scope of acquiring reconnaissance data based on naval ship radio-electronic reconnaissance systems.

The value of the contract is nearly EUR 600 million net, and the deliveries of 2 ships will be completed by 2027.

Maritime radio-electronic reconnaissance systems on ships will enable the acquisition of reconnaissance data in the entire spectrum of maritime radio-electronic reconnaissance (SIGINT). The detailed specification of the system is classified information.

It is worth noting that the ships will be built at Stocznia Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A., and the Swedish side will provide specialist equipment. Other entities of the Polish defense industry will also be involved in the implementation of the contract, which will translate into a significant participation of domestic entities in this contract.