Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder signed with her French counterpart, Florence Parly, the CaMo 2 intergovernmental agreement strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries and their willingness to work towards a European defense. Cand agreement includes the acquisition by Belgium of nine caesar ng infovalorized systems (CAmion Equipped with a New Generation Artillery System) scheduled for delivery in 2027. The acquisition contract will be notified in the coming weeks by the French Directorate General of Armaments (DGA), in the name and on behalf of Belgium.

In addition to the operational component, including joint training and integrated training (“plug and fight” concept between the Belgian and French combat units), this agreement includes the acquisition by Belgium of 9 infovalorized CAESAR NGs. This also includes hardware for Communication and Information Systems (CIS), hardware and software needed to integrate artillery pieces into the information network, tools, documentation and accompanying equipment, such as ammunition programming equipment, additional independent hardware and software to independently control fire elements, etc. The total Belgian investment budget is €62 million.

The CAESAR NG is a 6×6 equipped with a 155mm gun with a length of 52 calibers, allowing to carry out shots up to a distance of 40 km. The production of our 9 CAESAR NG will be carried out in the continuity of the production of those of the French Army, so that the opportunities for cooperation with our French strategic partner can again be used optimally.

The new generation of CAESAR retains the current configuration of the artillery system, which has proven itself in operation (more than 100,000 shots since 2009). The main improvements concern crew protection and mobility. For this purpose, a bulletproof cabin is added. It can withstand improvised explosive devices and small calibre ammunition. In addition, the mobility of the vehicle has been completely redesigned by Arquus. The CAESAR NG is equipped with a new engine (460 hp instead of 215 hp previously), a new automatic gearbox and a new chassis. Finally, the CAESAR NG is equipped with the latest version of the fire control software and the cabin is prepared to accommodate the new CONTACT radio (infovalorization – communication and data network within the CaMo). Thales’s BARAGE jammer can also be installed on the CAESAR.

The current artillery will evolve into a long-charge precision indirect fire support battery based on air-transportable wheeled vehicles, a shorter-charge indirect fire support battery based on the current 105 mm artillery pieces and, in addition, a sensor battery composed of radar operators, forward observers and the necessary link elements with the supported units.

CaMo 2 follows the first phase that entered into force in 2019, by deepening this unprecedented European cooperation in the field of defense for maximum interoperability and in the long term between the two armies. The CaMo partnership as a whole is conducted under the aegis of the Belgian Land Component, the French Army, the Belgian Directorate General of Material Resources (DG MR) and the French Directorate General of Armaments (DGA).