On November 21, the contract was ceremonially signed between PCO S.A. and WB Electronics S.A. for the supply of EO GOD-1 and GOC-1 turrets for the ZSSW-30 remotely controlled turret system. The unmanned turret will be equipped with the Rosomak 8×8 combat vehicles.

– Today’s contract is for PCO S.A. one of the key. As a company with experience, we hope that thanks to the contract in the future, together with the other participants of the consortium under the aegis of the Polish Armaments Group, we will receive much larger orders. Soon, the Borsuk Infantry Fighting Vehicle will enter mass production and we want to be part of this program. – said Witold Słowik, president of PCO S.A.

– Both ordered EO sets of PCO S.A. can compete with their foreign counterparts. They provide high clarity and uniformity of the image. The technologies used in GOD and GOC are the result of domestic work to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the actions of Polish soldiers – emphasized Witold Słowik.

The Commander’s Stabilized Optoelectronic Head is a technically advanced observation system. It is characterized by solutions enabling easy integration of GOD-1 with any combat platforms. The design allows the head to be used on various types of land vehicles intended for detection, reconnaissance and identification of ground and air targets.

The Gunner’s Stabilized Optoelectronic Head is designed to work in detection, observation, tracking and aiming systems for ground and air targets in daylight and night lighting conditions. The GOC-1 consists of an integrated optoelectronic module placed on a biaxially stabilized carrying platform.