On March 29th, at the headquarters of PIT-RADWAR S.A. in Warsaw, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense Mr. Mariusz Błaszczak approved the executive contract for the supply of BYSTRA radar stations for the needs of the PILICA+ system.

The subject of the contract, concluded between the State Treasury – the Armament Agency and the PGZ-PILICA+ Consortium, is the delivery of 22 BYSTRA capable of redeploying radar stations. The gross value of the order is approx. PLN 1.1 billion, and deliveries of radars will be carried out in the years 2026-2028 and will be a continuation of deliveries carried out by PIT-RADWAR S.A. for the purposes of another task, under the contract concluded on September 3, 2019 by the Armament Inspectorate. According to that contract, with a gross value of approx. PLN 635 million, the contractor will deliver 16 ZDPSR BYSTRA by the end of 2025.

It is also the first executive contract concluded for the implementation of the PILICA+ project, as a result of which 21 PILICA+ artillery and rocket systems (ZRA) are to be supplied to the Polish Armed Forces in the coming years, which also includes the adaptation of previously ordered sets. The framework contract for the implementation of the PILICA+ project was concluded on October 4, 2022.

The PGZ-PILICA+ consortium includes: Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A., Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów S.A., PIT-RADWAR S.A., PCO S.A., Jelcz Sp. z o.o., MESKO S.A., Research and Development Center Maritime Technology Center S.A., Wojskowe Zakłady Ubezpieczenia S.A. and Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne S.A.

The PILICA+ anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems will act as the basic anti-aircraft systems of the Air Defense Forces of the Air Force, whose main purpose will be to supplement the fire zones of the short and medium range air defense missile systems at low and very low altitudes and to protect the WISŁA systems.

ZRA PILICA+ will include iLAUNCHER short-range rocket launchers with CAMM missiles, BYSTRA radars and elements of the PILICA anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems (PSR-A), i.e.: command post, short-range radar, 6 fire units with artillery tractors, communication subsystem and vehicles ammunition and transport vehicles, followed by anti-aircraft guns with programmable ammunition and a system designed to combat unmanned aerial vehicles.