On 13 July, the German Navy took over the “Rhineland-Palatinate”, the last of four frigates of the Baden-Württemberg class in Wilhelmshaven.

“The fourth and final commissioning of the F125 class is another important milestone for our squadron and the navy,” said the commander of the 4th Frigate Squadron, Captain at Sea Dirk Jacobus. “This means that for the first time all four ships of the type are in the area of responsibility of the Navy,” said the commander.

Formally on the command of the commander of the fleet, Vice Admiral Frank Lenski, frigate captain Stefan Rappelt formally put the new warship into service. Rappelt is commander of crew Charlie of the 4th Frigate Squadron. He explained: “With this commissioning, Crew Charlie is already successfully bringing the second of a total of four Class 125 ships into service and at the same time completes the phase of introduction and testing of this new class of ship.”

“With the transfer of the last F125 to the Navy, we gain an additional means of targeted training of all our crews,” Jacobus explained. Rappelt added that his crew is looking forward to the upcoming tasks on board the newest ship in the fleet.