An additional 300 units of armored combat support JLTV (JLTV) will be purchased for the Lithuanian army. Such a new treaty with the U.S. Government was signed this week by the Defense Resources Agency under the Ministry of Defense.

“This additional acquisition of 300 units of armored SUVs from the USA is one of the most important steps in the modernization of the Lithuanian army. Our military cooperation with the US is growing and together we can contribute to the security of NATO’s eastern flank. We send a strong signal to our allies that Lithuania not only supports Ukraine, which is fighting to the best of its ability, but also takes care of and invests in the defense of both itself and the Alliance as a whole,” says Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anušauskas.

Together with 200 JLTVs, which are purchased under a contract signed with the U.S. Government in 2019, a total of 500 such machines will be purchased for the Lithuanian Armed Forces. They will significantly strengthen the existing capabilities of the Lithuanian army, increase mobility, protection of soldiers and combat power.

According to The Deputy Minister of National Defense Vilius Semeška, if the supply of JLTVs to Lithuania is negotiated earlier than planned, the first JLTVs under the new contract will be brought to Lithuania in 2023, and by the end of 2024 gradually – all the remaining ones.

The purchased JLTVs are equipped with turrets, armed with 12.7 mm machine guns M2 QCB, carry 5 soldiers with armament. JLTVs are produced by the US company Oshkosh Defense.

The first batch of JLTVs – 50 pieces – was handed over to the Lithuanian army in the summer of last year, the JLTVs are already successfully used by Lithuanian soldiers. In November-December of this year, the second batch of 50 units will reach Lithuania, in 2023 – another 100 SUVs, and so gradually until all are received.

JLTVs will be equipped with battalions of the Lithuanian army brigades “Geležinis Vilkas” and “Žemaitija”, giving priority to the national rapid reaction forces.

JLTVs are technically advanced that provide a high level of protection for the crew. They will better protect our troops and ensure greater efficiency during reconnaissance, artillery and support during air attack operations. The JLTV will not only strengthen the capabilities of our army, but also improve the interaction of Lithuanian and U.S. forces.