The new armored vehicles, now a part of the 405th AFSB’s Army Prepositioned Stock-2 Program at Coleman worksite, will enhance U.S. Army Europe and Africa’s readiness and capability to support the warfighter while simultaneously promoting stability and security in the region.

These enhanced self-propelled artillery systems offer key fire-support for a variety of combat missions conducted by the Army’s Armored Brigade Combat Teams in conventional, hybrid, irregular and counterinsurgency combat environments.

Jason Todd, a logistics management specialist at Coleman worksite, AFSBn-Mannheim, said the work of unloading the new self-propelled howitzers from the trains and moving them to the APS-2 site was a joint effort between multiple teams at Coleman Barracks.

“The railhead operation successfully moved the newly acquired pieces and subsequent containers in a joint effort, smoothly and effectively,” Todd said, “Project Management Self-Propelled Howitzer System personnel driving the vehicles, Amentum providing command of the railhead and support personnel for ground guiding, staging and refueling, with oversight from the AFSBn-Mannheim Coleman worksite team.”

The APS-2 site at Mannheim could not support USAREUR-AF’s readiness mission without the total team – more than 800 dedicated and highly-skilled maintainers, mechanics and staff personnel, said Thomas Esposito, the director of Coleman worksite, AFSBn-Mannheim.

Here at the Coleman worksite, AFSBn-Mannheim’s primary mission is the storage and maintenance of one ABCT’s vehicles – over 500 pieces – M1 Abrams tanks, M2 Bradley fighting vehicles, self-propelled howitzers, staff tracked vehicles, armored personnel carriers and more, Esposito said.

“Our regular business is the maintenance and storage and accountability, thereof,” said Esposito. “We maintain this ABCT — forward – ready to issue to an active duty unit in the event of a requirement here in theater. We are also able to issue forward, as we demonstrated during DEFENDER-Europe 20.”