On the 30th of November this year an agreement was concluded between the Polish Armament Inspectorate and Wojskowe Zakłady Łączności Nr 1 S.A. in Zegrze for a mobile communication node for Wisła systems.

The agreement subject is development and delivery of 4 mobile communication node (MCC1) for the WISŁA system, with the training, logistic bundle and technical support. Themobile communication node for the WISŁA programme phase I will go to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland in 2024 and the value estimates around PLN 233 mln gross.

The mobile country code (MCC1) enables connection between the guidance system and the IBCS air protection management and the national connection as well as Polish WISŁA system components, and they will also service the Polish BYSTRA radar integration with the IBCS. At the same time the MCC1 will compose the base element of connection systems for the IBCS system, planned to be used in the NAREW sets and following WISŁA sets, which will be delivered under the II phase of the programme.

The MCC1 will be developed by the Polish defense industry and will be the result of the implementation and development of the latest technological solutions, including the IBCS compatibility which knowledge and competences acquired in the offset related to the implementation of Phase I of the WISŁA program will be used.