Additional 155 mm heavy K9 tank howitzers will be procured for the Finnish Army. The acquisition will significantly improve the Army’s firepower.

Minister of DefenceAntti Kaikkonenhas approved the Finnish Defence Forces’ proposal to redeem the option for K9 howitzers. The Government’s Finance Committee supported the procurement at its meeting on 17.11.2022. The option includes a total of 38 armored howitzers and will now be fully redeemed.

Finland acquired tank howitzers for the first time in 2017 as an interstate transaction from kotra, an institution of the Republic of Korea. The sale of a total of 48 tank howitzers included an option of 48 tank howitzers, of which ten howitzers have previously been acquired for the Army.

“With this additional acquisition, the Army’s firepower will be significantly improved. The key advantage of the system is the combination of mobility, protection and firepower. Armoured howitzers have proven to be reliable in Finland, and they have gained excellent experience both in the training of conscripts and in shooting,” says Inspector of Artillery ColonelPertti Holmafrom the Army Command.

For conscripts, tank howitzers are trained in the Armoured Brigade and the Karelia Brigade.

The total value of the procurement is approximately EUR 134 million, and it will be financed from the supplementary budget of the state, which included additional funding for defence equipment procurements to be launched quickly.