This week Latvia received ammunition donation from the United States of America. Ammunition is intended for self-propelled howitzers and mine throwers used by the National Armed Forces (NAF) for training purposes, and it will contribute to better combat capabilities of NAF.

‘Donation provided by the US government will seriously boost indirect fire support capabilities of NAF and its readiness to respond to all types of security challenges. The ammunition delivered this week is yet another successful project implemented together by Latvia and our strategic partner – USA,’ said Defence Minister Artis Pabriks.

‘Friendship, of course, is not measured in gifts or their size – it is about support that comes at the right time from reliable partner who has supported us for many years. According to operational capability assessment, the ammo batch that we have received is curial for NAF artillery units – its will allow us to intensify the training of our artillery squads,’ stressed the Chief of the Defence Staff Lieutenant General Leonīds Kalniņš.

Donation has been funded from the US Defence Budget programme for strengthening deterrence posture in the Baltics.

As reported earlier, Latvia has procured 47 M109A5Oe type A howitzer systems, including fire control centres and training platforms. Systems and additional components were fully delivered in October of 2018.

M109A5Oe type self-propelling howitzers are fire-ready in one minute from fire order and ready to withdraw from its firing position 30 seconds after the shooting.

Purchase of self-propelling howitzers has expanded the artillery stock of Latvian Armed Forces and significantly upgraded national defence capabilities. It has also allowed Latvia to fully engage in NATO operations and training missions.

US has been supporting Latvia through various military aid programmes for more than 20 years. This includes supply of equipment vital for development of the National Armed Forces, such as communication devices, night vision goggles and military vehicles.