On August 12, at the Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard in Gdańsk, delivery and acceptance documents for the second modern MCM in the series – ORP Albatros, built for the Polish Navy, were signed.

The ship was built by a consortium consisting of: the leader – Stocznia REMONTOWA Shipbuilding S.A. belonging to the REMONTOWA HOLDING S.A. capital group and members – Research and Development Center of Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. (OBR CTM S.A.) and PGZ Stocznia Wojenna (formerly the Naval Shipyard).

The handover of the ship was preceded by several months of handover and acceptance tests, during which the sea platform as well as devices and systems for combating mine hazards were checked. Successful completion of hand-over-acceptance tests confirmed the ship’s ability to perform its main tasks, which include:
– detection, identification and suppression of sea mines and other objects and explosives in sea waters,
– securing sea communication routes,
– carrying out activities in the areas of mine risk,
– environmental assessment in underwater areas.

The ORP ALBATROS ship is already the second in the series KORMOARAN II minehunter. A prototype ship was handed over to the Navy five years ago. Based on the experience gained during its operation, some modifications were made to the construction of subsequent units. Thanks to them, ORP ALBATROS and other units are equipped with new devices for the verification of sea areas. It was also changed to a more modern artillery system of the ship.

ORP ALBATROS will be part of the 13 Minesweeper Squadron, which is part of the 8 Coastal Defense Flotilla in Świnoujście.