The vessel has left the port with a mixed crew on board consisting of the purchase representative, the Naval Group, Kership and Piriou. Interestingly, the unit has been equipped with the remotely controlled Leonardo Marlin-WS with 30 mm automatic cannon. In case of the first of the vessels, A.R.A. Bouchard (P-51) the assembly process started in December last year in Argentina. This was connected to the fact that the unit was used (ex L’Adroit), on the Naval Group’s stock.

The agreement for the four OPV of the Gowind type was signed in November 2018. Argentina has been the first country to decide to purchase that kind of unit – as other users ordered versatile corvette types. Apart from the first one – Bouchard – the others were built from scratch under the purchaser configuration plan, the first were built in 2019, and the launching of the future Piedrabuen took place on the 1st of October 2020. At present, at the Kership shipyards the work under the remaining two units is performed.

The series aims to seal the economic exclusivity of the sea area of Argentina. The first of them, Bouchard, has already succeeded in a few Chinese fish boats arrests who were fishing without any consent from the Argentinian authorities.