March this year it has come to official delivery of the TRS-15M, the modernised version of the TRS-15 3D Mobile Medium Range Surveillance Radar to Polish Armed Forces.

The delivery was under the agreement concluded on the 4th of September 2018 between PIT-RADWAR S.A. and Armament Inspectorate detailing the 11-set delivery of the 3D medium range radars in S band operation frequency in modernised version of TRS-15 and 4 sets of KZS-15 remote control consoles as well as the logistics bundle. The agreement value exceeded PLN 500 mln.

The TRS-15M radar is for the air defence system as the information source radar for command and control systems. The TRS-15M detects objects at a distance of over 200 km, altitude to 30 km and simultaneous tracking of a minimum of 120 objects. The radars are equipped with ISZ-50 interrogators of the Mark XIIA IFF system, featuring the friend or foe identification in mode 5.

The TRS-15M radars have presently been delivered on Jelcz P662D.43 M62 and P882D.43 M64 high mobility chassis.