On December 14, the first executive contract was concluded for the supply of JELCZ special vehicles and chassis for multiple rocket launcher modules contracted in the United States and South Korea.

The subject of the contract, concluded between the State Treasury – Agencja Uarma and the PGZ-WWR consortium, is the delivery of 59 vehicles and special chassis, including: 19 ammunition vehicles for the transport of T28 TS ASV-H missiles and 18 ammunition vehicles for the transport of T82 TS ASV-K missiles and 18 special chassis adapted to the assembly of the LM K-MRLS – TS K-MRLS T45 launcher module, and 4 chassis for prototypes of subsequent versions of special vehicles.

The gross value of the order is approx. PLN 330 million, and the deliveries of the vehicles will be carried out in 2023-2024.

The concluded contract is also the first stage of implementation of domestic elements for the needs of long-range rocket artillery fire modules, as part of the agreement concluded on November 7 this year. framework agreement with the PGZ-WWR consortium, related to the implementation of the project concerning the introduction of the M142 HIMARS (United States) and K239 CHUNMOO (South Korea) systems into the equipment of the Polish Armed Forces.

The PGZ-WWR consortium, apart from the leader, which is Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A., also includes: Huta Stalowa Wola S.A., Jelcz Sp. z o.o., Rosomak S.A., Wojskowe Zakłady Łączności No. 1 S.A. and PIT-Radwar S.A. Other companies that are part of the Polish Armaments Group, as well as other entities of the domestic defense industry, also participate in the project as sub-suppliers. The completion of the contracting process for individual performance contracts is planned for the first half of next year.

The project related to the implementation of domestic elements of long-range rocket artillery fire modules is the second largest program in terms of value, next to the NAREW program, which has been addressed to the Polish defense industry. The estimated cost will exceed PLN 20 billion, and the volume of orders for military equipment units, mainly various types of vehicles, from 4×4 vehicles to 8×8 chassis, will amount to several thousand units.

The elements to be delivered by the PGZ-WWR consortium include: JELCZ special chassis intended for the integration of American and Korean launcher modules, artillery reconnaissance vehicles, command vehicles, ammunition vehicles, technical evacuation vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, communication systems and radar a comprehensive package of logistics equipment.