On the 26th of March the Polish Navy informed about the agreement with the Saab Dynamics AB company to support the ROV’s in Poland produced by Saab.

The agreement was concluded on the 18th of March worth PLN 14,7 mln no VAT. Under which the Saab Dynamics AB technicians will support the Double Eagle Mk III and Sarov Mk II, ROV’s that were ordered for Kormoran II class minehunters. It was the only bidder in the tender procedure that was announced in 2020.

The entity selection to perform the service procedure is limited. Therefore the purchaser did not make the agreement details public and it was only presented to the bidders at the final stage.

Double Eagle Mk III, was ordered in 2014 for the prototype minehunter ORP Kormoran. Additionally, in February last year, Saab contracted two Sarov Mk II vehicle deliveries that will go to two additional Kormoran vessels (Albatros and Mewa). These ROV’s will also be covered by the contract, despite not being put into service. Apart from the mentioned vehicles for the minehunters, the Saab producer offers the Falcon class vehicles, as well, for the sea rescue purposes and the deep-water divers that use the onboard rescue equipment.

By Defence Industry News (Photo: Saab)