Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď received Christine Lambrecht, Minister of Defence of the Federal Republic of Germany, at the defence ministry. The ministerial meeting took place on the occasion of the delivery of the first Leopard 2A4 tank as part of the announced replacement for 30 pieces of infantry fighting vehicles (BVP-1) donated to Ukraine.

“Thanks to this exchange, we have helped not only the Ukrainian armed forces in a just struggle for freedom and democracy in their country, but also the Slovak armed forces by strengthening and continuing to strengthen the Slovak tank battalion,” said Minister Naď. The MO SR undertook to supply the BVP-1 to Ukraine by signing bilateral agreements with the Federal Republic of Germany in August this year, with 15 Leopard 2 A4 tanks being the compensation for this technique.

Minister Ch. Lambrechtová appreciated the support that the Slovak Republic has shown to Ukraine by providing military equipment. “Of course, we also have to think about repairing the provided weapons systems, so I want to thank you for the quick solution, which is already known as the repair center in Michalovce,” she said. At the same time, it highlighted creative and unbureaucratic solutions in favour of rapid and effective assistance to Ukraine. “We want to continue in this way. We are good and trustworthy partners,” she added. In addition, the two leaders confirmed that Germany is also to provide Slovakia with a new short-range air defence system designed to protect specific locations, which will be located in eastern Slovakia.

As part of the discussions, ministers also addressed the topic of bilateral cooperation, including the German contribution to the NATO Multinational Battlegroup in Slovakia. The head of the German defence ministry plans to visit German soldiers stationed in Slovakia as part of the NATO battlegroup, namely in Lešt and Sliac. In this context, she thanked the Slovak side for the services of the host country, which the Slovak side demonstrates to German soldiers.