On August 18, the Hungarian Ministry of Defense announced that the first two PzH 2000 gun howitzers ordered by Hungary in December 2018 are already delivered to the Klapka György military base in Tata.

In total, Budapest ordered 24  PzH 2000 SPH. The first two were delivered to the user between August 10 and 17. After unloading from civilian low-loaders, they went to the service hall. Along with the first batch, elements of the operation support system were also delivered to Hungary, which were also transported with the use of civilian transport vehicles. All deliveries are to be completed by 2025.

As pointed out by the Hungarian Minister of Defense, Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky, the initiation of the process of delivering modern howitzers is a stage in rebuilding the potential of mechanized troops in Hungary, which were reduced in the past. This is clearly visible on the example of artillery, because currently the land forces of this country have a small number of towed 152 mm D-20 howitzers.

In addition to the PzH 2000 gun howitzers, Hungary also ordered the Leopard 2A7 + MBTs (along with 12 used 2A4s for training) and 218 Lynx KF41 tracked infantry fighting vehicles from Germany.