The Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic confirms that the Slovak Republic has donated the S-300 air defense system to Ukraine following Ukraine’s request for assistance in the performance of self-defence under Article 51 of the UN Charter as a direct result of armed aggression by the Russian Federation.

This is a responsible decision by which slovakia, as a country that promotes peace, freedom and the protection of human rights, provides assistance in the form of a purely defensive system to Ukraine and its innocent citizens, believing that this system will help to save as many innocent Ukrainians as possible from further aggression by the Putin regime.

“Of course, first of all we think about the safety of Slovakia and our people, so we took this step only at the moment when we had an adequate replacement for the S-300 system confirmed, just as we announced it. It will be the fourth battery of one of the most modern air defense systems – Patriot from our allies, which will thus cover the territory of the Slovak Republic. Compared to the S-300 system of Soviet production with minimal service capability and ending technical service life, this is great news for Slovakia and at the same time a great help for Ukraine,” said The Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic Jaroslav Naď.

Donating the system does not mean that the Slovak Republic has become part of the armed conflict in Ukraine. The defenses of the Slovak Republic remain assured and in the coming days will be strengthened by the fourth battery of the Patriot system, which will arrive in Slovakia in the next week and stay in our territory for as long as necessary.