The company will supply the polish army with 400 sets of MU-3AM, 410 sets of MU-3ADM, and 105 sets of PCS-5M night vision sights and 160 sets of NPL-1M night vision binoculars within 2021-2022. On the behalf of the PCO S.A. the agreement signed the chairman Paweł Glica and the Assembly Member Bogumił Wodyński. On the behalf of the Armaments Inspectorate the agreement signed the head of the Armament Inspectorate General Bogdan Dziewulski.

The MU-3ADM miniaturised goggles are advanced passive devices. They feature compact and uniquely lightweight built, robustness and reliability in field conditions, as well as perfect detection parameters, identification and recognition. The miniaturised MU-3M universal monocular is the latest night vision device for night observation by a single user. It is compact and lightweight built with a single battery. Nowadays, it is the lightest night vision device in the world.

What distinguishes our miniaturized night vision goggles from the competition is the weight-to-robustness ratio. The devices have been tested thoroughly both by the users and the research institutes. They combine the latest solutions of the night vision technology and the latest materials. The robustness has been sustained by the rigorous quality check-up of each and every piece produced by PCO S.A. The goggles advantages have been proven in the real field circumstances – emphasises the PCO S.A. chairman Paweł Glica.

The NPL-1M night vision binoculars are small, lightweight night vision devices predestined for the terrain observation in low visibility conditions and at night long range vision.

The PCS-5M shooting night vision is the lightweight telescopic sight with built-in picture amplification XD4/XR5 which are perfect for portable weapons.

By PCO S.A. (Photo: Armaments Inspectorate)