The PGZ-MIECZNIK submitted the Industrial Feasibility Study to the Armament Inspectorate including, among others, three Conceptual Projects of vessel platforms together with the corresponding proposals on Combat Management System.

The submitted materials to the Armament Inspectorate will be the assessment subject conducted by the Polish Armed Forces and National Defense Ministry. The outcome of the work will be to indicate the most beneficial solution within the frigate platforms projects for the Polish Navy.
We kept our word and submitted the documentation to the army on time, closing the first stage of the Miecznik program. In the coming weeks the summoned by the purchaser committee will estimate and select the ultimate solutions for the Navy. Meanwhile, we will continue the following stage of negotiations with our potential buyers, which are expected to lead to the conclusion of trade agreements, technology transfer and the principles of cooperation in the pre-production phase – stated the PGZ S.A. chairman Sebastian Chwałek.

The submitted to Armament Inspectorate Ministry of Defense documentation includes the Conceptual Projects of three vessel platforms from three international partners – Germany, Spain and the UK as well as possible configuration proposals of the Combat Management System, built upon four pre-selected solutions within the CMS. Additionally, the purchaser has been given the Technical and Economic Analyzes, and also, among others, the technology and knowledge transfer ideas crucial for starting the production, the program management or resources mobilization.

The PGZ-MIECZNIK consortium prepared the Combat Management System proposal in three variants: minimal – meeting the demands and the budget limitations, optimal – exceeding the limit demands, meeting the financial requirements of the program and maximal – covering the optimal solutions range, exceeding the expected by the buyer budget limitations.

The vessel platforms have been designed with due reserve, allowing to match each of them to the Polish Armed Forces needs and assembly on each of them the offered Combat Management System configuration. It is possible to perform further modifications within the near or distant future if the decision was made to increase the Mieczniks abilities within their exploitation.

The MIECZNIK program assumes the acquisition of three modern frigates for the Polish Navy. Versatile units of the class will empower the Polish Navy abilities and will allow for the wider range of sea activities performance, including the range of sailing routes protection and power infrastructure. The vessels will impact the combat potentials increase of the Polish Armed Forces, moreover they will constitute a significant contribution of the Republic of Poland to the North Atlantic Alliance, for example by the tasks performance tasks within the Standing NATO Maritime Groups.