thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is pleased to be shortlisted to prepare a Concept Design and Feasibility Study as part of Project MIECZNIK, the acquisition of multi-mission frigates for the Polish Navy.

CEO Dr Rolf Wirtz: “As a leading supplier of frigate warship technology to 19 navies worldwide to date, including 6 NATO navies, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is proud to be able to offer Poland the MEKO® A-300 PL, our most up-to-date variant of the famous MEKO® technology frigate family.”

If selected, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems will form an enduring Technology Partnership with Polish industry for the building, integration and lifecycle support of the MEKO® A-300 PL frigates entirely in Poland. Partnering with the industry of other nations to build our designs is ‘standard practise’ for thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, with over 50% of our exported warships having been built by our customer shipyards over the years.