Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Nosov, Commander of the Medical Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Brigady General Tetiana Ostashchenko, Chief of the Main Logistics Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant General Mykola Shevtsov, as well as The Attaché for Army and Defense of the US Embassy in Ukraine Colonel Brittany Stewart met the aircraft with the third batch of additional security assistance from the United States at Boryspil International Airport.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Nosov expressed gratitude to the American side for the technical means provided, which significantly enhance the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in matters of defense of the state in the context of armed aggression of the Russian Federation.

” Today we received another aid flight from the United States as a result of the agreements of the Presidents of Ukraine and the United States Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden. This is a sincere, frank, ambulance for our military, who on the frontline will be able to use these means of medical and combat support,” said Oleksandr Nosov.

Colonel Brittany Stewart, for her part, stressed that the United States firmly supports Ukraine and stands shoulder to shoulder in defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the fight against Russian aggression.

” The United States assists Ukraine in building an Armed Forces that includes logistical assistance and training from tactical to strategic level. We want to see Ukraine on its way to NATO, a peaceful and free country,” added the Army and Defense Attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

In turn, the Head of the Main Logistics Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine drew attention to the fact that this military-technical assistance includes high-tech and acute-deficient equipment and weapons, as well as the necessary ammunition on the frontline. According to him, the means received in previous cargoes are already increasing our counter-ternation and anti-tank combat capabilities, as well as intelligence.

— Today we have arrived a batch of javelin anti-tank missile systems with ammunition. We also received ammunition for the weapons that we have under NATO calibers. The weapons will be moved to bases and warehouses, accounted for and transferred to the military for use, including for units of the Joint Forces Operation,” said Lieutenant General Mykola Shevtsov, emphasizing that this weapon brings us closer to NATO member states.

Commander of the Medical Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Brigady General Tetiana Ostashchenko added that the cargo from the United States also includes personal protective equipment – medical first aid kits. She emphasized that military-medical training is carried out in accordance with NATO standards in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

— Without a doubt, these personal protective equipment will be issued to designated military units, where they will allow to preserve the life and health of personnel. In general, the United States once again confirmed the status of a reliable and strong partner, — concluded Brigady General Tatyana Ostashchenko.

Recall that today, October 22, the third batch of additional international security assistance arrived in Ukraine for $ 60 million from the United States Government for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including ammunition, anti-tank and high-precision weapons, medical property, etc. The previous two shipments were delivered to Ukraine on October 10 and 18.

International security assistance for $ 60 million became possible due to the agreements reached during the recent visit of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the United States. It was provided in addition to the previously agreed volume of $ 250 million.