The equipment and its adjacent material will be transported to the 81st Tactical Operative Missile Battalion ‘Maior Gheorghe Șonțu” from Focșani, the first unit of Romanian Land Forces that will operate this system. Over the next period, the acceptance and reception testing of the equipment will take place within the battalion headquarters.

The elements of the system will be transported with terrestrial means of transportation outsourced and coordinated by the specialized structures of the United States of America and the MoND.

The procurement of the HIMARS System(High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) was established by Law 46/2018 for the achievement of the “Indirect fire support capability” , which is part of the “High Mobility Artillery Rocket System” – HIMARS Procurement Program.

The document stipulates the procurement of three systems, each equipped with 18 launching installations, including (without limiting to these elements) the ammunition, command and control elements, sensors, logistic support, maintenance, cryptographic elements and elements with special regimen, as well as the personnel training service, at all necessary levels.

For Romania, the achievement of the indirect fire support capability is an essential matter of security and significantly contributes both to the consolidation of the Strategic Partnership with the Unites States of America and to the accomplishment of the commitments assumed by our country within NATO.

Taking into account the diversity of the situations to which the Romanian Armed Forces must participate with troops both on national territory and abroad, it is necessary to equip the Land Forces Staff structures with high-tech support equipment, envisaged with increased capabilities, specific both to the classic and unconventional war. The High Mobility Artillery Rocket System is able to provide the combat support both during the participation of the forces in military actions and throughout the training process.

The High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, important part of the ground artillery system, will act independently or jointly with the other systems in order to accomplish the missions. Due to the interoperability character, the multiple rocket launching systems can be made available to NATO, so that Romania can accomplish its commitments assumed within the Alliance and the regional initiatives.

The HIMARS proved its operational maturity in real conflicts, being tested during military operations.