In Warsaw, with the participation of the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of National Defense Mr. Mariusz Błaszczak, an agreement was concluded between the State Treasury – the Armament Agency and Airbus Defense & Space for the supply of 2 observation satellites with a receiving station in Poland.

The above agreement is aimed at increasing the capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces in the field of acquiring reconnaissance data based on satellite optoelectronic Earth observation systems.

Polish Armed Forces will acquire 2 observation satellites with a ground segment, which will be manufactured by Airbus Defense & Space. This will allow for fully autonomous control over the constellation and the ongoing task of the satellites in accordance with the needs of the Polish Armed Forces and other Polish institutions and public administration units.

The total value of the contract is approx. EUR 575 million net, and the launch of Polish satellites into space will be completed by 2027, but from 2023 the Polish Armed Forces will receive access to the resources of the currently functioning constellation of Pleiades Neo satellites.

The satellite systems constituting the subject of the agreement will enable the acquisition of reconnaissance data in the field of image reconnaissance (IMINT) with an accuracy of 30 cm. The detailed specification of the system is classified information.